About Us

Let your comfort blossom!

Founded in 2016 by Anthony Campos, Phoenix Pro Landscaping is an Arizona-based, full-service landscaping company. We specialize in landscaping, lawn caring, and more to enhance your residential or commercial property’s curb appeal.

We believe that taking care of your yard is challenging. You spend so much time cleaning the debris, refining the grass, and covering the patches. However, despite trying everything, your yard doesn’t exude the kind of elegance you want. You still notice bare spots, rusts, and weeds that lead to more frustration and ultimately force you to abandon the idea of having a lawn altogether.

At Phoenix Pro Landscaping, we’re here to target your frustration at its roots! 

We’re your go-to partner when it comes to taking the burden of lawn care off your shoulders and giving you the yard of your dreams. Our passion for offering you peace of mind can be seen in every service we offer, from mowing, lawn caring, to landscaping and property cleanups.

Over the years, we’ve worked for hundreds of yards for several commercial and residential properties, and we can proudly say that we’ve seen it all.

We never offer one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t meet your specific lawn requirements. Nor do we use low-quality products that don’t make a difference. Our highly-experienced workers first understand your yard’s condition, analyze solutions that can work, and finally apply a customized strategy that lets your yard blossom and thrive.

Whether you want to cut your grass surface to an even height, add a wow factor to your yards, clean your property to the core, or have a unique goal in mind, we can make everything possible for you.


Keep your lawn green with our expert team

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